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Guard Your Car’s Body with Great-Looking Rocker Panels

Wherever you drive, your wheels will be kicking up stones, twigs and other debris. That can damage your vehicle’s finish. A stone chip or dent can encourage rust, or worse. With rocker panels from Kam Auto, your vehicle will resist rust and look better while you cruise the streets of Kamloops. We install chrome rocker panels or colour matched ones, so the options are almost limitless.

Why not underscore how great your truck is with stainless steel rocker panels or even diamond plate?

Stainless Steel on Your Truck is like Icing on a Cake

Stainless always looks fantastic on a truck and can add a lot of secure storage. Long-lasting and eye-catching, a truck bed lined with stainless extends its life and makes it more skid-resistant. Kam Auto Trim & Accessories installs whatever stainless you need, including crossover and side mount toolboxes. Call us today to find out about all your stainless options.

Stainless is virtually rust-free, so you won’t have to worry about minor dents and scratches on your truck.

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